Dr. Oz 3 Day Detoxifying Cleanse MID-DAY Shake

What is the Dr. Oz Detoxification Cleanse?

What do you think about detoxing your body? Don’t be scared!

When a detox is done right, it’s just a way to have a diet rich in whole foods. By removing artificial flavors and chemical substances from your diet, you’re helping prepare your body to live a healthier and more natural lifestyle.

Your body detoxes when you do this cleanse and can help you lose weight, treat acne and other skin conditions and even more.

If you want to take the Oz-approved 3-Day Detox Cleanse today and get started down the path to a healthier you.

Here is an infographic for you to look at that can help you with the Dr. Oz detox plan!

dr oz detox

There are many different detox programs out there.  Dr. Oz is highlighting one here that seems to be reputable and good.

It’s important to keep in mind that all detox cleanses are not created equal.

Different body types need different cleanses depending on your health goals.

Deciding to clean up your diet can sometimes feel like having to completely switch out the foods in your pantry. Here are a variety of different foods you probably already have in your kitchen that can help body detox and give it the boost it needs to stay healthy.

Ginger, Beets, Garlic, Artichokes, Lemon, Apples, Broccoli, Cinnamon,  Parsley, Olive oil, Almonds, and Cabbage.

Cleansing can clean the colon:

This organ has bacteria that produce both healthy and unhealthy chemicals. You want to keep your colon flowing regularly since its main role is to flush out toxic chemicals before they can do you any harm.

Follow the Dr. Oz cleanse and see just how beneficial it can be for your system!

cleanse grocery list


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